We offer a wide range of services

International experience and competence offer a service and speed that is not common these days!

What services do we offer!

We offer our international customers a wide range of services as we have been handling international projects for over 10 years. Convince yourself of our customer-oriented way of working within a broad spectrum. We have the experience and contacts to implement your audio and visual project promptly!

Announcement production

We produce your desired announcement with our announcement speakers in over 50 languages. We look forward to receiving your inquiries!

App production

Looking for a voice talent for the app? You will receive your desired app speaker at customer-oriented prices!

Audioguide production

Do you need an audio guide speaker for your travel guide or museum? We are of course happy to help you.


We cast your voice talent for free. You save time and money and receive the complete project processing from a single source!

Computer game production

Are you looking for a voice for your PC game or computer game? Listen to our speaker demos!

CD & DVD Production

Would you like to publish your language projects on CD, DVD or Blu Ray? You will receive professional speakers for your production from us.

Documentary Production

Are you looking for a multifaceted documentary speaker for your reports or films? We're here to help!

e-learning Production

Are you looking for an e-learning speaker in a specific language? We have your professional voice in over 50 languages!

Film production

We create your desired image film or explanatory film with our speakers in over 30 languages. We look forward to your inquiry!

Help & Support

We are not only talking about individual customer service, we also advise and help our customers with a personal contact 7 days a week!

Audiobook production

Are you looking for an audiobook voice actor? We have your desired audiobook speaker or audiobook children's voice.

Radio play production

Radio play speaker wanted? With our radio play voices your radio play becomes an individual radio play experience. See for yourself!

Image film production

We produce your 3D image film as a cartoon animation, or another image film of your choice!

Industrial film production

Industrial film Finding speakers is not that easy. We help you to find the right industrial film advertising rules!

Cinema spot production

Do you need a cinema speaker? We produce your planned cinema commercial with our native speakers!

Logo Design

We design your logo and stage it individually. We look forward to your inquiry!


We take care of the complete project handling of your planned campaign!

Multilingual speakers

Are you looking for a multilingual speaker? Our multilingual speakers speak your project in 3-6 different languages!

Off speaker

Do you need an off-voice for advertising? Our professional voice-over actors speak your advertising project!

Online spot production

We have your online speaker at customer-oriented prices. No matter whether you are online you tube spot or commercial. We have the voice talent you want!

Podcast production

Podcast speaker wanted? We create your individual contribution with our podcast speaker! Find your professional voice talent!

Radio spot production

Looking for a radio speaker? We create your complete radio spot with our radio speakers in over 50 languages!

Sound Design & Branding

We produce your desired sound design or sound branding at customer-oriented prices!

Synchronous production

Looking for voice over actor? We have professional voice actors of all ages in over 50 languages!

Production announcements

Do you need an announcement speaker? We produce your complete telephone announcement with background music in over 50 languages!

Recording studio

Do you need a professional recording studio? Professional equipment & Transmission codecs to produce your audio and visual media!

TV spot production

Are you looking for a TV spot speaker who will individually stage your TV advertising? We produce your television commercial at customer-oriented prices!

Translation & text service

Do you need the right translation service for your advertising project? We deliver the right translations in over 60 languages ​​certified to DIN standards!

Video production

Do you need a video production or a You-Tube speaker? We take care of you from A to Z.

Voice Over production

You will receive your professional voice over speaker in over 50 languages. Thank you for your request!

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